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    • A translatable predictor of human radiation exposure. 

      Lucas, Joseph; Dressman, Holly K; Suchindran, Sunil; Nakamura, Mai; Chao, Nelson J; Himburg, Heather; Minor, Kerry; ... (12 authors) (PLoS One, 2014)
      Terrorism using radiological dirty bombs or improvised nuclear devices is recognized as a major threat to both public health and national security. In the event of a radiological or nuclear disaster, rapid and accurate ...
    • Development of a blood-based gene expression algorithm for assessment of obstructive coronary artery disease in non-diabetic patients. 

      Elashoff, Michael R; Wingrove, James A; Beineke, Philip; Daniels, Susan E; Tingley, Whittemore G; Rosenberg, Steven; Voros, Szilard; ... (16 authors) (BMC Med Genomics, 2011-03-28)
      BACKGROUND: Alterations in gene expression in peripheral blood cells have been shown to be sensitive to the presence and extent of coronary artery disease (CAD). A non-invasive blood test that could reliably assess obstructive ...
    • Early hematopoietic effects of chronic radiation exposure in humans. 

      Akleyev, Alexander V; Akushevich, Igor V; Dimov, Georgy P; Veremeyeva, Galina A; Varfolomeyeva, Tatyana A; Ukraintseva, Svetlana V; Yashin, Anatoly I (Health Phys, 2010-09)
      The major goal of this study is to investigate and quantitatively describe the nature of the relationship between the characteristics of chronic exposure to ionizing radiation and specific patterns of hematopoiesis reduction. ...