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    • Chromosomal organization of adrenergic receptor genes. 

      Yang-Feng, TL; Xue, FY; Zhong, WW; Cotecchia, S; Frielle, T; Caron, MG; Lefkowitz, RJ; ... (8 authors) (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 1990-02)
      The adrenergic receptors (ARs) (subtypes alpha 1, alpha 2, beta 1, and beta 2) are a prototypic family of guanine nucleotide binding regulatory protein-coupled receptors that mediate the physiological effects of the hormone ...
    • Classification and genetic characterization of pattern-forming Bacilli. 

      Rudner, R; Martsinkevich, O; Leung, W; Jarvis, ED (Mol Microbiol, 1998-02)
      One of the more natural but less commonly studied forms of colonial bacterial growth is pattern formation. This type of growth is characterized by bacterial populations behaving in an organized manner to generate readily ...
    • Interaction of Cryptococcus neoformans Rim101 and protein kinase A regulates capsule. 

      O'Meara, Teresa R; Norton, Diana; Price, Michael S; Hay, Christie; Clements, Meredith F; Nichols, Connie B; Alspaugh, J Andrew (PLoS Pathog, 2010-02-19)
      Cryptococcus neoformans is a prevalent human fungal pathogen that must survive within various tissues in order to establish a human infection. We have identified the C. neoformans Rim101 transcription factor, a highly conserved ...