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    • Empirical Evaluation of DSGE Models for Emerging Countries 

      Garcia Cicco, Javier (2009)
      This dissertation is the collection of three essays aimed to evaluate the empirical performance of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models in explaining the behavior of macroeconomic dynamics in emerging countries. ...
    • Essays in International Macroeconomics 

      Liu, Xuan (2007-05-10)
      This dissertation consists of two essays in international macroeconomics. The first essay shows that optimal fiscal and monetary policy is time consistent in a standard small open economy. Further, there exist many maturity ...
    • Growth, Slowdowns, and Recoveries 

      Bianchi, F; Kung, H (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2014-11-01)
      We construct and estimate a model that features endogenous growth and technology diffusion. The spillover effects from research and development provide a link between business cycle fluctuations and long-term growth. Therefore, ...