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    • Energy Storage in Deregulated Market Structures 

      Morris, Gary (2009-12-04)
      Wind energy is able to provide electricity with a minimal environmental footprint and is therefore anticipated to play a much larger role in future electricity generation. Although wind is able to provide electricity with ...
    • Energy Storage Pathways to Meet California’s 2030 Greenhouse Gas Goals 

      Chaurey, Ananya; Huang, Ziting; Khan, Lina (2018-04-26)
      In California, due to solar resources coming online during the day, renewable generation often exceeds demand, leading to curtailment. However, during peak evening hours, California is forced to rely on GHG emitting thermal ...
    • Uncertainty in the Forecast of Net Load Ramp in CAISO Region 

      YANG, PEIZHI (2015-04-23)
      In electricity systems, demand and supply must be in balance. The term net load refers to the portion of system demand that must be provided by non-renewable resources, equivalent to system demand minus the generation from ...