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    • A Formal Framework for Designing Verifiable Protocols 

      Matthews, Opeoluwa (2017)
      Protocols play critical roles in computer systems today, including managing resources, facilitating communication, and coordinating actions of components. It is highly desirable to formally verify protocols, to provide a ...
    • Exploiting Parallelism in GPUs 

      Hechtman, Blake Alan (2014)
      Heterogeneous processors with accelerators provide an opportunity to improve performance within a given power budget.Many of these heterogeneous processors contain Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) that can perform graphics ...
    • Scalably Verifiable Cache Coherence 

      Zhang, Meng (2013)
      The correctness of a cache coherence protocol is crucial to the system since a subtle bug in the protocol may lead to disastrous consequences. However, the verification of a cache coherence protocol is never an easy task ...