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    • A new fully automated approach for aligning and comparing shapes. 

      Boyer, Doug M; Puente, Jesus; Gladman, Justin T; Glynn, Chris; Mukherjee, Sayan; Yapuncich, Gabriel S; Daubechies, Ingrid (Anatomical record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007), 2015-01)
      Three-dimensional geometric morphometric (3DGM) methods for placing landmarks on digitized bones have become increasingly sophisticated in the last 20 years, including greater degrees of automation. One aspect shared by ...
    • Body Mass Prediction from Dental and Postcranial Measurements in Primates and Their Nearest Relatives 

      Yapuncich, Gabriel Stephen (2017)
      To evaluate alternative hypotheses for the role of mass and muscle-induced forces in joint construction, the allometric scaling relationships of the articular facets of the talus were estimated with phylogenetic regressions. ...
    • Predicting euarchontan body mass: A comparison of tarsal and dental variables. 

      Yapuncich, Gabriel S; Gladman, Justin T; Boyer, Doug M (American journal of physical anthropology, 2015-07)
      Multiple meaningful ecological characterizations of a species revolve around body mass. Because body mass cannot be directly measured in extinct taxa, reliable body mass predictors are needed. Many published body mass prediction ...