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    • Death and the Construction of an Astrocyte Network 

      Puñal, Vanessa Marie (2019)
      Naturally-occurring cell death is a fundamental developmental mechanism for regulating cell numbers and sculpting developing organs. This is particularly true in the central nervous system, where large numbers of neurons ...
    • Quantification of the humidity effect on HR by Ion leakage assay. 

      Mwimba, Musoki; Dong, Xinnian (Bio-protocol, 2019-04-05)
      We describe a protocol to measure the contribution of humidity on cell death during the effector-triggered immunity (ETI), the plant immune response triggered by the recognition of pathogen effectors by plant resistance ...
    • Regulation of Wee1 by PRMT5 in Brain Tumors 

      Tong, Meng (2013)
      The eukaryotic cell cycle is characterized by a series of tightly orchestrated events during which cellular components are replicated and subsequently divided. In mammalian cells, the precise spatiotemporal control of cell ...