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    • A genetic memory initiates the epigenetic loop necessary to preserve centromere position. 

      Hoffmann, Sebastian; Izquierdo, Helena M; Gamba, Riccardo; Chardon, Florian; Dumont, Marie; Keizer, Veer; Hervé, Solène; ... (11 authors) (The EMBO journal, 2020-10)
      Centromeres are built on repetitive DNA sequences (CenDNA) and a specific chromatin enriched with the histone H3 variant CENP-A, the epigenetic mark that identifies centromere position. Here, we interrogate the importance ...
    • Functional epialleles at an endogenous human centromere. 

      Maloney, Kristin A; Sullivan, Lori L; Matheny, Justyne E; Strome, Erin D; Merrett, Stephanie L; Ferris, Alyssa; Sullivan, Beth A (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012-08-21)
      Human centromeres are defined by megabases of homogenous alpha-satellite DNA arrays that are packaged into specialized chromatin marked by the centromeric histone variant, centromeric protein A (CENP-A). Although most human ...