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    • Functional epialleles at an endogenous human centromere. 

      Maloney, Kristin A; Sullivan, Lori L; Matheny, Justyne E; Strome, Erin D; Merrett, Stephanie L; Ferris, Alyssa; Sullivan, Beth A (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012-08-21)
      Human centromeres are defined by megabases of homogenous alpha-satellite DNA arrays that are packaged into specialized chromatin marked by the centromeric histone variant, centromeric protein A (CENP-A). Although most human ...
    • Identification and utilization of arbitrary correlations in models of recombination signal sequences. 

      Cowell, Lindsay G; Davila, Marco; Kepler, Thomas B; Kelsoe, Garnett (Genome Biol, 2002)
      BACKGROUND: A significant challenge in bioinformatics is to develop methods for detecting and modeling patterns in variable DNA sequence sites, such as protein-binding sites in regulatory DNA. Current approaches sometimes ...
    • Quantification of DNA cleavage specificity in Hi-C experiments. 

      Meluzzi, Dario; Arya, Gaurav (Nucleic Acids Res, 2016-01-08)
      Hi-C experiments produce large numbers of DNA sequence read pairs that are typically analyzed to deduce genomewide interactions between arbitrary loci. A key step in these experiments is the cleavage of cross-linked chromatin ...