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    • Intertemporal Preferences and Labor Supply 

      Kydland, F; Sedlacek, G (1988)
      Recently, several authors have argued for the use for the use of dynamic preference structures for leisure which incorporate forms of intertemporally nonseparable utility in the analysis of intertemporal labor supply decisions. ...
    • Novel Addiction: Consuming Popular Novels in Eighteenth-century Britain 

      Min, Jayoung (2011)
      This dissertation explores the ways in which British popular novels of the eighteenth century functioned as commodities. "Novel Addiction", the title of this dissertation has a double meaning: Addiction was a new conceptual ...
    • Subjective Expertise and Consumption Enjoyment 

      Campbell, Troy (2015)
      Consumers’ beliefs can influence enjoyment via beliefs about a product (e.g., whether a wine is believed to be high quality) and explored beliefs about themselves (e.g., where the consumers believes they have the expertise ...