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    • 'Balancing Biodiversity': A Global Instrument for Meeting the 2010 Biodiversity Target 

      Peterson, Annah; Hill, Chloe; Gallagher, Louise (2008-04-25)
      Radically heightened extinction rates over the past 50 years have prompted the Convention on Biological Diversity to adopt the ‘2010 biodiversity target,’ which aims to significantly reduce global biodiversity loss by 2010. ...
    • BioTools: Developing and Investing in Biodiversity Responsible Business 

      Sater, Mary (2010-09-03)
      The objective for these tools is to encourage the conservation of biodiversity through private sector investment in biodiversity business. The tools seek to enable both investors and business developers to create viable ...
    • The Justice Gap in Global Forest Governance 

      Marion Suiseeya, Kimberly Ruggles (2014)
      Claims of injustice in global forest governance are prolific: assertions of colonization, marginalization and disenfranchisement of forest-dependent people, and privatization of common resources are some of the most severe ...