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    • Arte Abstracto E Ideologías EstéTicas En Cuba 

      Menendez-Conde, Ernesto (2009)
      <bold>This dissertation deals with Cuban art criticism and other written texts related to Abstract Art. From a critical perspective that relates art to society and political and institutional practices, all of the above ...
    • As the Fairy Tales Unfold 

      Geng, Yangyang (2016-05-05)
      This project consists of two parts. The first part is a photo book, which includes my photographs of children and an accompanying text of individual stories of childhood, including my own. The second part is an analytical ...
    • Cuban-Russian Relations in the 21st Century: Oil and Geopolitics 

      Moldes, Christopher (2015)
      This thesis examines how the recent discovery of massive oil reserves off the coast of Cuba has driven a resurgence of Cuban-Russian relations in the 21st century. The first chapter demonstrates how the Russian government ...
    • Financing Renewable Energy in Cuba 

      Masters, Harry; Swofford, Paige (2018-04-27)
      Cuba’s 2014 commitment to generate 24% of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030 presents a unique opportunity to explore how an island nation can decarbonize its power system. To successfully increase ...
    • THE CARIBBEAN SPINY LOBSTER FISHERY IN CUBA: An approach to sustainable fishery management 

      Muñoz-Nuñez, Daylin (2009-04-24)
      The Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) is the most valuable fishery resource in Cuba. Intensive fishing efforts and deterioration of essential habitats have led to overexploitation of this resource over much of its ...
    • The Cuban Balseros Voyage of Uncertainty 

      Ackerman, Holly; Clark, J (1995)