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    • Dental microwear in live, wild-trapped Alouatta palliata from Costa Rica. 

      Teaford, MF; Glander, KE (Am J Phys Anthropol, 1991-07)
      One problem with dental microwear analyses of museum material is that investigators can never be sure of the diets of the animals in question. An obvious solution to this problem is to work with live animals. Recent work ...
    • Dental topography and molar wear in Alouatta palliata from Costa Rica. 

      Dennis, John C; Ungar, Peter S; Teaford, Mark F; Glander, Kenneth E (Am J Phys Anthropol, 2004-10)
      Paleoprimatologists depend on relationships between form and function of teeth to reconstruct the diets of fossil species. Most of this work has been limited to studies of unworn teeth. A new approach, dental topographic ...