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    • Copper signaling axis as a target for prostate cancer therapeutics. 

      Safi, Rachid; Nelson, Erik R; Chitneni, Satish K; Franz, Katherine J; George, Daniel J; Zalutsky, Michael R; McDonnell, Donald P (Cancer Res, 2014-10-15)
      Previously published reports indicate that serum copper levels are elevated in patients with prostate cancer and that increased copper uptake can be used as a means to image prostate tumors. It is unclear, however, to what ...
    • Site-specific retinoic acid production in the brain of adult songbirds. 

      Denisenko-Nehrbass, NI; Jarvis, E; Scharff, C; Nottebohm, F; Mello, CV (Neuron, 2000-08)
      The song system of songbirds, a set of brain nuclei necessary for song learning and production, has distinctive morphological and functional properties. Utilizing differential display, we searched for molecular components ...