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    • A note on extraneous information in regression 

      Brook, Richard; Wallace, Dudley (1973)
      The Theil-Goldberger ( 196 1) exposition of combining sample and prior information is well known and appears now in standard textbooks for graduate econometrics courses. Diminishing the value of the prior relative to the ...
    • Comment.(The Identification Power of Equilibrium in Simple Games) 

      Khan, Shakeeb (2008)
      The article "The Identification Power of Equilibrium in Simple Games" can be extended in various areas to expand knowledge in both empirical and theoretical econometrics. The notion of relative sharpness of the proposed ...
    • Symposium on Marshall's Tendencies: 5 Sutton's Critique of Econometrics 

      Hoover, Kevin Douglas (2002)
      Through most of the history of economics, the most influential commentators on methodology were also eminent practitioners of economics. And even not so long ago, it was so. Milton Friedman, Paul Samuelson, Trygve Haavelmo, ...