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    • Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift Among Newly Issued Public Companies in U.S. Capital Markets 

      Saifan, Sami (2013-04-30)
      Post-earnings-announcement drift is the tendency for a stock’s cumulative abnormal returns to drift in the direction of an earnings surprise for several weeks following an earnings announcement. I show that the drift is ...
    • The Decision to Work by Married Immigrant Women 

      Duleep, Harriet Orcutt; Sanders, Seth (1993-07)
      Using 1980 Census data, the authors analyze the labor force participation of married immigrant Asian women by country of origin, compared with that of married immigrant women from Europe and Canada. The results suggest the ...
    • The Earnings Effects of Sexual Orientation 

      Black, Dan A; Makar, Hoda R; Sanders, Seth; Taylor, Lowell J (2003-04)
      This investigation of the effect of sexual orientation on earnings employs General Social Survey data from 1989-96. Depending largely on the definition of sexual orientation used, earnings are estimated as having been between ...