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    • Endogenous Growth, Trade, and the Environment 

      Prasertsom, Nujin (2011)
      This dissertation presents two essays on endogenous growth and renewable resources.The first essay explores the role of renewable resources in a tractablemodel of endogenous growth driven by horizontal and vertical innovation ...
    • Essays in Financial Economics 

      Kung, Howard Pan (2012)
      In my dissertation, I study the link between economic growth and asset prices in stochastic endogenous growth models. In these settings, long-term growth prospects are endogenously determined by innovation and R\&D. In ...
    • Financial Markets, Industry Dynamics, and Growth 

      Iacopetta, M; Minetti, R; Peretto, PF (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2014-08-27)
      We study the impact of corporate governance frictions in an economy where growth is driven both by the foundation of new firms and by the in-house investment of incumbent firms. Firms' managers engage in tunneling and empire ...