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    • Bayesian Gaussian Copula Factor Models for Mixed Data. 

      Carin, Lawrence; Dunson, David B; Lucas, Joseph E; Murray, JS (J Am Stat Assoc, 2013-06-01)
      Gaussian factor models have proven widely useful for parsimoniously characterizing dependence in multivariate data. There is a rich literature on their extension to mixed categorical and continuous variables, using latent ...
    • Bayesian Modeling and Computation for Mixed Data 

      Cui, Kai (2012)
      Multivariate or high-dimensional data with mixed types are ubiquitous in many fields of studies, including science, engineering, social science, finance, health and medicine, and joint analysis of such data entails both ...
    • Data-driven investigations of disgust 

      Hanna, Eleanor (2019)
      Disgust features prominently in many facets of human life, from dining etiquette to spider phobia to genocide. For some applications, such as public health campaigns, it might be desirable to know how to increase disgust, ...