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    • Bayesian Models for Relating Gene Expression and Morphological Shape Variation in Sea Urchin Larvae 

      Runcie, Daniel E. (2012)
      A general goal of biology is to understand how two or more sets of traits in an organism are related - for example, disease state and genetics, physiology and behavior, or phenotypic variation and gene function. Many of ...
    • Bayesian Semi-parametric Factor Models 

      Bhattacharya, Anirban (2012)
      Identifying a lower-dimensional latent space for representation of high-dimensional observations is of significant importance in numerous biomedical and machine learning applications. In many such applications, it is now ...
    • Bayesian Sparse Learning for High Dimensional Data 

      Shi, Minghui (2011)
      In this thesis, we develop some Bayesian sparse learning methods for high dimensional data analysis. There are two important topics that are related to the idea of sparse learning -- variable selection and factor analysis. ...