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    • A blood-based biomarker panel to risk-stratify mild traumatic brain injury. 

      Sharma, Richa; Rosenberg, Alexandra; Bennett, Ellen R; Laskowitz, Daniel T; Acheson, Shawn K (PloS one, 2017-01)
      Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) accounts for the vast majority of the nearly two million brain injuries suffered in the United States each year. Mild TBI is commonly classified as complicated (radiographic evidence of ...
    • Short-lived alpha-helical intermediates in the folding of beta-sheet proteins. 

      Chen, E; Everett, ML; Holzknecht, ZE; Holzknecht, RA; Lin, SS; Bowles, DE; Parker, W (Biochemistry, 2010-07-06)
      Several lines of evidence point strongly toward the importance of highly alpha-helical intermediates in the folding of all globular proteins, regardless of their native structure. However, experimental refolding studies ...