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    • Chromatin: bind at your own RSC. 

      Buchler, NE; Bai, L (Curr Biol, 2011-03-22)
      Recent work has identified a novel RSC-nucleosome complex that both strongly phases flanking nucleosomes and presents regulatory sites for ready access. These results challenge several widely held views.
    • Different Mechanisms Confer Gradual Control and Memory at Nutrient- and Stress-Regulated Genes in Yeast. 

      Rienzo, A; Poveda-Huertes, D; Aydin, S; Buchler, NE; Pascual-Ahuir, A; Proft, M (Mol Cell Biol, 2015-11)
      Cells respond to environmental stimuli by fine-tuned regulation of gene expression. Here we investigated the dose-dependent modulation of gene expression at high temporal resolution in response to nutrient and stress signals ...