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    • A Progress Evaluation of National Geographic’s Geotourism Program 

      Nystrom, Joel; Brouwer, Susannah; Torres, Hannah; Stern, Tamar (2012-04-25)
      National Geographic’s Geotourism Program is a sustainable tourism initiative designed to ease the negative impacts of mass tourism through a branding opportunity and grassroots structure that empowers local stakeholders ...
    • A Progress Evaluation of National Geographic's Geotourism Program 

      Torres, Hannah; Nystrom, Joel; Stern, Tamar; Brouwer, Susannah (2012-04-26)
      In response to the deleterious effects of traditional mass tourism, National Geographic launched a Geotourism Program in 1997 in an effort to sustain or enhance the geographical character of a place – its environment, culture, ...