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    • Conductive junctions with parallel graphene sheets. 

      Zheng, Xiao; Ke, San-Huang; Yang, Weitao (J Chem Phys, 2010-03-21)
      The establishment of conductive graphene-molecule-graphene junction is investigated through first-principles electronic structure calculations and quantum transport calculations. The junction consists of a conjugated molecule ...
    • Metallic Nanoislands on Graphene as Highly Sensitive Transducers of Mechanical, Biological, and Optical Signals. 

      Zaretski, Aliaksandr V; Root, Samuel E; Savchenko, Alex; Molokanova, Elena; Printz, Adam D; Jibril, Liban; Arya, Gaurav; ... (9 authors) (Nano Lett, 2016-02-10)
      This article describes an effect based on the wetting transparency of graphene; the morphology of a metallic film (≤20 nm) when deposited on graphene by evaporation depends strongly on the identity of the substrate supporting ...