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    • Moral masochism: on the connection between guilt and self-punishment. 

      Inbar, Y; Pizarro, DA; Gilovich, T; Ariely, D (Emotion, 2013-02)
      Do people sometimes seek to atone for their transgressions by harming themselves physically? The current results suggest that they do. People who wrote about a past guilt-inducing event inflicted more intense electric shocks ...
    • Neural systems for guilt from actions affecting self versus others. 

      LaBar, Kevin S; McCarthy, G; Morey, Rajendra A; Nasser, Jessica D; Selgrade, Elizabeth S; Seth, S (Neuroimage, 2012-03)
      Guilt is a core emotion governing social behavior by promoting compliance with social norms or self-imposed standards. The goal of this study was to contrast guilty responses to actions that affect self versus others, since ...