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    • Herbert Marcuse's Early Critique of Idealism 

      Dabrowski, Tomash Conrad (2013)
      Herbert Marcuse's early essays and reviews written while under the tutelage of Martin Heidegger continue to suffer a poor reception. Even the most sympathetic of his critics widely focus on either his deviations from existing ...
    • Hermeneutics of Providence: Theology, Race, and Divine Action in History 

      Jantzen, Matthew Robert (2017)
      This dissertation explores the implications of the doctrine of providence for Christian life in the context of racialized modernity, offering a constructive theological response to two interrelated questions. First, how ...
    • Martin Heidegger's Mathematical Dialectic: Uncovering the Structure of Modernity 

      Beattie, Darren Jeffrey (2016)
      Martin Heidegger is generally regarded as one of the most significant—if also the most controversial—philosophers of the 20th century. Most scholarly engagement with Heidegger’s thought on Modernity approaches his work with ...