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    • A brief history of research synthesis. 

      Chalmers, Iain; Hedges, Larry V; Cooper, Harris (Eval Health Prof, 2002-03)
      Science is supposed to be cumulative, but scientists only rarely cumulate evidence scientifically. This means that users of research evidence have to cope with a plethora of reports of individual studies with no systematic ...
    • Cholera in Haiti and other Caribbean regions, 19th century. 

      Jenson, Deborah; Szabo, Victoria; Duke FHI Haiti Humanities Laboratory Student Research Team (Emerg Infect Dis, 2011-11)
      Medical journals and other sources do not show evidence that cholera occurred in Haiti before 2010, despite the devastating effect of this disease in the Caribbean region in the 19th century. Cholera occurred in Cuba in ...
    • Steep increase in best-practice cohort life expectancy. 

      Shkolnikov, Vladimir M; Jdanov, Dmitri A; Andreev, Evgeny M; Vaupel, James W (Popul Dev Rev, 2011)
      We analyze trends in best-practice life expectancy among female cohorts born from 1870 to 1950. Cohorts experience declining rather than constant death rates, and cohort life expectancy usually exceeds period life expectancy. ...