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    • DNA barcoding exposes a case of mistaken identity in the fern horticultural trade. 

      Pryer, Kathleen M; Schuettpelz, Eric; Huiet, Layne; Grusz, Amanda L; Rothfels, Carl J; Avent, Tony; Schwartz, David; ... (8 authors) (Molecular ecology resources, 2010-11)
      Using cheilanthoid ferns, we provide an example of how DNA barcoding approaches can be useful to the horticultural community for keeping plants in the trade accurately identified. We use plastid rbcL, atpA, and trnG-R sequence ...
    • Phylogeny, divergence time estimates, and phylogeography of the diploid species of the polypodium vulgare complex (Polypodiaceae) 

      Sigel, EM; Windham, MD; Haufler, CH; Pryer, KM (Systematic Botany, 2014-01-01)
      © 2014 by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists. The Polypodium vulgare complex (Polypodiaceae) comprises a well-studied group of fern taxa whose members are cryptically differentiated morphologically and have generated ...
    • Protected areas and biodiversity conservation in India 

      Ghosh-Harihar, M; An, R; Athreya, R; Borthakur, U; Chanchani, P; Chetry, D; Datta, A; ... (22 authors) (Biological Conservation, 2019-09-01)
      Three well-supported generalizations in conservation biology are that developing tropical countries will experience the greatest biodiversity declines in the near future, they are some of the least studied areas in the world, ...