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    • A Hard Bargain? A cost-benefit analysis of an improved cookstove program in India 

      Pinto, Alisha (2016-08-01)
      In developing countries, access to modern energy for cooking and heating still remains a challenge to raising households out of poverty. About 2.5 billion people depend on solid fuels such as biomass, wood, charcoal and ...
    • Energy & Development (Global Energy Access Network Case Studies) 

      Aggarwal, Aashna; Childress, Samantha; Greene, Lydia K; Guidera, Laura; Guo, Katherine; Holt, Danielle; Klug, Thomas; ... (11 authors) (2017-06-20)
      The present volume represents the culmination of one of the Global Energy Access Network's central initiatives in our inaugural 2016-17 year. We observed that many of our student members had previously worked in areas of ...
    • Three Essays on Energy and Development Economics 

      Usmani, Faraz (2019)
      Global energy-use patterns are characterized by deep inequality. Electricity is indispensable for households, clinics, schools and firms, yet over a billion people live without it. At the same time, nearly three billion ...