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    • Mycobacterium avium pseudo-outbreak associated with an outpatient bronchoscopy clinic: Lessons for reprocessing. 

      Seidelman, Jessica L; Wallace, Richard J; Iakhiaeva, Elena; Vasireddy, Ravikiran; Brown-Elliott, Barbara A; McKnight, Celeste; Chen, Luke F; ... (9 authors) (Infection control and hospital epidemiology, 2019-01)
      We identified a pseudo-outbreak of Mycobacterium avium in an outpatient bronchoscopy clinic following an increase in clinic procedure volume. We terminated the pseudo-outbreak by increasing the frequency of automated endoscope ...
    • Rapid, Sample-to-Answer Host Gene Expression Test to Diagnose Viral Infection 

      Tsalik, Ephraim L; Khine, Ayeaye; Talebpour, Abdossamad; Samiei, Alaleh; Parmar, Vilcy; Burke, Thomas W; Mcclain, Micah T; ... (11 authors) (Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2019-11-01)
      <jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> <jats:sec> <jats:title>Background</jats:title> <jats:p>Distinguishing bacterial, viral, or other etiologies of acute illness is diagnostically ...