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    • Identification of a Retinal Circuit for Recurrent Suppression Using Indirect Electrical Imaging. 

      Greschner, Martin; Heitman, Alexander K; Field, Greg D; Li, Peter H; Ahn, Daniel; Sher, Alexander; Litke, Alan M; ... (8 authors) (Current biology : CB, 2016-08)
      Understanding the function of modulatory interneuron networks is a major challenge, because such networks typically operate over long spatial scales and involve many neurons of different types. Here, we use an indirect electrical ...
    • Inhibition stabilization is a widespread property of cortical networks. 

      Sanzeni, Alessandro; Akitake, Bradley; Goldbach, Hannah C; Leedy, Caitlin E; Brunel, Nicolas; Histed, Mark H (eLife, 2020-06-29)
      Many cortical network models use recurrent coupling strong enough to require inhibition for stabilization. Yet it has been experimentally unclear whether inhibition-stabilized network (ISN) models describe cortical function ...
    • Spatial and temporal scales of neuronal correlation in visual area V4. 

      Smith, Matthew A; Sommer, Marc A (J Neurosci, 2013-03-20)
      The spiking activity of nearby cortical neurons is correlated on both short and long time scales. Understanding this shared variability in firing patterns is critical for appreciating the representation of sensory stimuli ...