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    • A slicing obstruction from the $\frac {10}{8}$ theorem 

      Vafaee, Faramarz; Donald, Andrew (Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 2016-08-29)
      © 2016 American Mathematical Society. From Furuta’s 10/8 theorem, we derive a smooth slicing obstruction for knots in S3 using a spin 4-manifold whose boundary is 0-surgery on a knot. We show that this obstruction is able ...
    • Seifert surfaces distinguished by sutured Floer homology but not its Euler characteristic 

      Vafaee, Faramarz (Topology and its Applications, 2015-04)
      © 2015 Elsevier B.V. In this paper we find a family of knots with trivial Alexander polynomial, and construct two non-isotopic Seifert surfaces for each member in our family. In order to distinguish the surfaces we study ...
    • The cardinality of the augmentation category of a Legendrian link 

      Ng, Lenhard; Rutherford, Dan; Shende, Vivek; Sivek, Steven (Mathematical Research Letters, 2017)
      We introduce a notion of cardinality for the augmentation category associated to a Legendrian knot or link in standard contact R3. This ℓhomotopy cardinality' is an invariant of the category and allows for a weighted count ...