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    • Assessing Africa-Wide Pangolin Exploitation by Scaling Local Data 

      Ingram, DJ; Coad, L; Abernethy, KA; Maisels, F; Stokes, EJ; Bobo, KS; Breuer, T; ... (22 authors) (Conservation Letters, 2018-03)
      Copyright and Photocopying: © 2017 The Authors. Conservation Letters published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Overexploitation is one of the main pressures driving wildlife closer to extinction, yet broad-scale data to evaluate ...
    • Marine resource management and conservation in the Anthropocene 

      © 2017 Foundation for Environmental Conservation. Because the Anthropocene by definition is an epoch during which environmental change is largely anthropogenic and driven by social, economic, psychological and political ...
    • Public perception of bioenergy in North Carolina and Tennessee 

      Radics, RI; Dasmohapatra, S; Kelley, SS (Energy, Sustainability and Society, 2016-12)
      © 2016, The Author(s). Background: The goal of the study is to examine the general public’s understanding and perceptions of bioenergy and biofuels in North Carolina (NC) and Tennessee (TN). The study focuses on the public ...
    • The Emergence of Organizational Forms: A Community Ecology Approach 

      Ruef, M (American Journal of Sociology, 2000)
      This article introduces a new ecological approach to the study of form emergence based on the notion of an organizational community - a bounded set of forms with related identities. Applying the approach to 48 organizational ...
    • The Socially and Spatially Bounded Relationships of Entrepreneurial Activity: Olav Sorenson -- Recipient of the 2018 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 

      Rickne, Annika; Ruef, M; Wennberg, Karl (Small Business Economics, 2018)
      This article reviews the academic contributions of Olav Sorenson, recipient of the 2018 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research. His work has advanced scholarly understanding of how entrepreneurship and innovation are ...