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    • Functional epialleles at an endogenous human centromere. 

      Ferris, A; Maloney, KA; Matheny, JE; Merrett, SL; Strome, ED; Sullivan, Beth Ann; Sullivan, LL (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012-08-21)
      Human centromeres are defined by megabases of homogenous alpha-satellite DNA arrays that are packaged into specialized chromatin marked by the centromeric histone variant, centromeric protein A (CENP-A). Although most human ...
    • How the kinetochore couples microtubule force and centromere stretch to move chromosomes. 

      Badger, Benjamin L; Bloom, Kerry; Erickson, Harold Paul; Haase, Julian; Ohashi, Tomoo; Salmon, Edward D; Suzuki, Aussie (Nature cell biology, 2016-04)
      The Ndc80 complex (Ndc80, Nuf2, Spc24 and Spc25) is a highly conserved kinetochore protein essential for end-on anchorage to spindle microtubule plus ends and for force generation coupled to plus-end polymerization ...