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    • Structure, function, and phylogeny of the mating locus in the Rhizopus oryzae complex. 

      Gryganskyi, AP; Lee, SC; Litvintseva, AP; Smith, ME; Bonito, G; Porter, TM; Anishchenko, IM; ... (9 authors) (PLoS One, 2010-12-09)
      The Rhizopus oryzae species complex is a group of zygomycete fungi that are common, cosmopolitan saprotrophs. Some strains are used beneficially for production of Asian fermented foods but they can also act as opportunistic ...
    • Thermodynamic analysis of a molecular chaperone binding to unfolded protein substrates. 

      Xu, Ying; Schmitt, Sebastian; Tang, Liangjie; Jakob, Ursula; Fitzgerald, Michael C (Biochemistry, 2010-02-16)
      Molecular chaperones are a highly diverse group of proteins that recognize and bind unfolded proteins to facilitate protein folding and prevent nonspecific protein aggregation. The mechanisms by which chaperones bind their ...