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    • Genome-wide linkage analysis for human longevity: Genetics of Healthy Aging Study. 

      Beekman, Marian; Blanché, Hélène; Perola, Markus; Hervonen, Anti; Bezrukov, Vladyslav; Sikora, Ewa; Flachsbart, Friederike; ... (41 authors) (Aging Cell, 2013-04)
      Clear evidence exists for heritability of human longevity, and much interest is focused on identifying genes associated with longer lives. To identify such longevity alleles, we performed the largest genome-wide linkage ...
    • Genome-wide linkage analysis of cardiovascular disease biomarkers in a large, multigenerational family. 

      Nolan, Daniel; Kraus, William E; Hauser, Elizabeth; Li, Yi-Ju; Thompson, Dana K; Johnson, Jessica; Chen, Hsiang-Cheng; ... (12 authors) (PLoS One, 2013)
      Given the importance of cardiovascular disease (CVD) to public health and the demonstrated heritability of both disease status and its related risk factors, identifying the genetic variation underlying these susceptibilities ...
    • Neuropeptide Y gene polymorphisms confer risk of early-onset atherosclerosis. 

      Shah, Svati H; Freedman, Neil J; Zhang, Lisheng; Crosslin, David R; Stone, David H; Haynes, Carol; Johnson, Jessica; ... (22 authors) (PLoS Genet, 2009-01)
      Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is a strong candidate gene for coronary artery disease (CAD). We have previously identified genetic linkage to familial CAD in the genomic region of NPY. We performed follow-up genetic, biostatistical, ...