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    • Dynamics of biomarkers in relation to aging and mortality. 

      Arbeev, Konstantin; Ukraintseva, Svetlana; Yashin, Anatoli I (Mech Ageing Dev, 2016-06)
      Contemporary longitudinal studies collect repeated measurements of biomarkers allowing one to analyze their dynamics in relation to mortality, morbidity, or other health-related outcomes. Rich and diverse data collected ...
    • How the effects of aging and stresses of life are integrated in mortality rates: insights for genetic studies of human health and longevity. 

      Akushevich, Igor; Arbeev, Konstantin; Arbeeva, LS; Culminskaya, IV; Kovtun, Mikhail; Kulminski, Alexander; Li, M; ... (12 authors) (Biogerontology, 2016-02)
      Increasing proportions of elderly individuals in developed countries combined with substantial increases in related medical expenditures make the improvement of the health of the elderly a high priority today. If the process ...
    • stpm: an R package for stochastic process model. 

      Akushevich, Igor; Arbeev, Konstantin; Stallard, Eric; Yashin, Anatoli I; Zhbannikov, Ilya (BMC Bioinformatics, 2017-02-23)
      BACKGROUND: The Stochastic Process Model (SPM) represents a general framework for modeling the joint evolution of repeatedly measured variables and time-to-event outcomes observed in longitudinal studies, i.e., SPM relates ...