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    • Analytical performance evaluation of the Elecsys® Troponin T Gen 5 STAT assay. 

      Fitzgerald, Robert L; Hollander, Judd E; Peacock, W Frank; Limkakeng, Alexander T; Breitenbeck, Nancy; Blechschmidt, Kareen; Laimighofer, Michael; ... (8 authors) (Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry, 2019-08)
      BACKGROUND:We report the analytical performance of the Elecsys® Troponin T Gen 5 STAT (TnT Gen 5 STAT; Roche Diagnostics) assay. METHODS:Measuring limits/ranges were determined in lithium-heparin plasma samples per Clinical ...
    • Measuring fast gene dynamics in single cells with time-lapse luminescence microscopy. 

      Mazo-Vargas, Anyimilehidi; Park, Heungwon; Aydin, Mert; Buchler, Nicolas E (Mol Biol Cell, 2014-11-05)
      Time-lapse fluorescence microscopy is an important tool for measuring in vivo gene dynamics in single cells. However, fluorescent proteins are limited by slow chromophore maturation times and the cellular autofluorescence ...