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    • A novel framework for analyzing conservation impacts: evaluation, theory, and marine protected areas. 

      Mascia, Michael B; Fox, Helen E; Glew, Louise; Ahmadia, Gabby N; Agrawal, Arun; Barnes, Megan; Basurto, Xavier; ... (20 authors) (Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2017-07)
      Environmental conservation initiatives, including marine protected areas (MPAs), have proliferated in recent decades. Designed to conserve marine biodiversity, many MPAs also seek to foster sustainable development. As is ...
    • Biological and Physical Factors Affecting the Natural History and Evolution of Encapsulated Development 

      von Dassow, Yasmin Jahanara (2016)
      The evolution of reproductive strategies involves a complex calculus of costs and benefits to both parents and offspring. Many marine animals produce embryos packaged in tough egg capsules or gelatinous egg masses attached ...
    • From offshore to onshore: multiple origins of shallow-water corals from deep-sea ancestors. 

      Lindner, Alberto; Cairns, Stephen D; Cunningham, Clifford W (PLoS One, 2008-06-18)
      Shallow-water tropical reefs and the deep sea represent the two most diverse marine environments. Understanding the origin and diversification of this biodiversity is a major quest in ecology and evolution. The most prominent ...
    • Integrating simultaneous prosocial and antisocial behavior into theories of collective action. 

      Basurto, Xavier; Blanco, Esther; Nenadovic, Mateja; Vollan, Björn (Sci Adv, 2016-03)
      Trust and cooperation constitute cornerstones of common-pool resource theory, showing that "prosocial" strategies among resource users can overcome collective action problems and lead to sustainable resource governance. ...
    • Making marine life count: a new baseline for policy. 

      Williams, Meryl J; Ausubel, Jesse; Poiner, Ian; Garcia, Serge M; Baker, D James; Clark, Malcolm R; Mannix, Heather; ... (9 authors) (PLoS Biol, 2010-10-26)
      The Census of Marine Life aids practical work of the Convention on Biological Diversity, discovers and tracks ocean biodiversity, and supports marine environmental planning.
    • The ocean sampling day consortium. 

      Kopf, Anna; Bicak, Mesude; Kottmann, Renzo; Schnetzer, Julia; Kostadinov, Ivaylo; Lehmann, Katja; Fernandez-Guerra, Antonio; ... (157 authors) (Gigascience, 2015)
      Ocean Sampling Day was initiated by the EU-funded Micro B3 (Marine Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology) project to obtain a snapshot of the marine microbial biodiversity and function of the world's oceans. ...