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    • Modeling endocrine control of the pituitary-ovarian axis: androgenic influence and chaotic dynamics. 

      Hendrix, Angelean O; Hughes, Claude L; Selgrade, James F (Bulletin of mathematical biology, 2014-01)
      Mathematical models of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis in women were first developed by Schlosser and Selgrade in 1999, with subsequent models of Harris-Clark et al. (Bull. Math. Biol. 65(1):157-173, 2003) and Pasteur ...
    • One-carbon metabolism during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy 

      Reed, Michael; Nijhout, Frederik; Kim, Ruby (PLoS Computational Biology, 2021-12)
      Many enzymes in one-carbon metabolism (OCM) are up- or down-regulated by the sex hormones which vary diurnally and throughout the menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, estradiol and progesterone levels increase tremendously ...