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    • Enhanced rewarding properties of morphine, but not cocaine, in beta(arrestin)-2 knock-out mice. 

      Bohn, Laura M; Gainetdinov, Raul R; Sotnikova, Tatyana D; Medvedev, Ivan O; Lefkowitz, Robert J; Dykstra, Linda A; Caron, Marc G (J Neurosci, 2003-11-12)
      The reinforcing and psychomotor effects of morphine involve opiate stimulation of the dopaminergic system via activation of mu-opioid receptors (muOR). Both mu-opioid and dopamine receptors are members of the G-protein-coupled ...
    • Increased in vivo glucose recovery via nitric oxide release. 

      Nichols, SP; Le, NN; Klitzman, B; Schoenfisch, MH (Anal Chem, 2011-02-15)
      The in vivo glucose recovery of subcutaneously implanted nitric oxide (NO)-releasing microdialysis probes was evaluated in a rat model using saturated NO solutions to steadily release NO. Such methodology resulted in a constant ...
    • Social context-dependent singing-regulated dopamine. 

      Sasaki, Aya; Sotnikova, Tatyana D; Gainetdinov, Raul R; Jarvis, Erich D (J Neurosci, 2006-08-30)
      Like the mammalian striatum, the songbird striatum receives dense dopaminergic input from the midbrain ventral tegmental area-substantia nigra pars compacta complex. The songbird striatum also contains a unique vocal nucleus, ...