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    • A pilot study on mindfulness based stress reduction for smokers. 

      Davis, James M; Fleming, Michael F; Bonus, Katherine A; Baker, Timothy B (BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 2007-01-25)
      <h4>Background</h4>Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment, non-judgmentally, without commentary or decision-making. We report results of a pilot study designed to test the feasibility of using Mindfulness ...
    • Mind-Body Approaches to Treating Mental Health Symptoms Among Disadvantaged Populations: A Comprehensive Review. 

      Burnett-Zeigler, Inger; Schuette, Stephanie; Victorson, David; Wisner, Katherine L (Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.), 2016-02)
      Mind-body approaches are commonly used to treat a variety of chronic health conditions, including depression and anxiety. A substantial proportion of individuals with depression and anxiety disorders do not receive conventional ...