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    • A mitotic DNA damage response requiring FANCD2 enables mitosis with broken DNA 

      Bretscher, Heidi (2017)
      In order to maintain genome integrity cells employ a set of well conserved DNA damage checkpoints. DNA damage checkpoints are active during interphase and serve to prevent mitosis with broken DNA. Mitosis with broken DNA ...
    • A Switch in p53 Dynamics Marks Cells That Escape from DSB-Induced Cell Cycle Arrest. 

      Tsabar, Michael; Mock, Caroline S; Venkatachalam, Veena; Reyes, Jose; Karhohs, Kyle W; Oliver, Trudy G; Regev, Aviv; ... (9 authors) (Cell reports, 2020-08)
      Cellular responses to stimuli can evolve over time, resulting in distinct early and late phases in response to a single signal. DNA damage induces a complex response that is largely orchestrated by the transcription factor ...
    • Across the meiotic divide - CSF activity in the post-Emi2/XErp1 era. 

      Wu, Judy Qiju; Kornbluth, Sally (J Cell Sci, 2008-11-01)
      Vertebrate eggs are arrested at the metaphase stage of meiosis II. Only upon fertilization will the metaphase-II-arrested eggs exit meiosis II and enter interphase. In 1971, Masui and Markert injected egg extracts into a ...
    • Cell-cycle control of cell polarity in yeast. 

      Moran, Kyle D; Kang, Hui; Araujo, Ana V; Zyla, Trevin R; Saito, Koji; Tsygankov, Denis; Lew, Daniel J (The Journal of cell biology, 2019-01)
      In many cells, morphogenetic events are coordinated with the cell cycle by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). For example, many mammalian cells display extended morphologies during interphase but round up into more spherical ...
    • CoA synthase regulates mitotic fidelity via CBP-mediated acetylation. 

      Lin, Chao-Chieh; Kitagawa, Mayumi; Tang, Xiaohu; Hou, Ming-Hsin; Wu, Jianli; Qu, Dan Chen; Srinivas, Vinayaka; ... (13 authors) (Nature communications, 2018-03-12)
      The temporal activation of kinases and timely ubiquitin-mediated degradation is central to faithful mitosis. Here we present evidence that acetylation controlled by Coenzyme A synthase (COASY) and acetyltransferase ...
    • Effects of prolonged mitosis on neural stem cells in vivo during development 

      Mitchell-Dick, Aaron M (2020)
      Microcephaly patients are born with a brain size >3 standard deviations below normal and have mild to severe cognitive deficits. 12 microcephaly-linked genes identified in human genetics studies encode microtubule/centr...
    • Inhibition of the anaphase-promoting complex by the Xnf7 ubiquitin ligase. 

      Casaletto, Jessica B; Nutt, Leta K; Wu, Qiju; Moore, Jonathan D; Etkin, Laurence D; Jackson, Peter K; Hunt, Tim; ... (8 authors) (J Cell Biol, 2005-04-11)
      Degradation of specific protein substrates by the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC) is critical for mitotic exit. We have identified the protein Xenopus nuclear factor 7 (Xnf7) as a novel APC inhibitor able to regulate ...
    • Kinesins at a glance. 

      Endow, Sharyn A; Kull, F Jon; Liu, Honglei (J Cell Sci, 2010-10-15)
    • Regulation of Chromosome Structure During Both of the Endocycle and Mitosis is Critical for Accurate Chromosome Segregation in Polypoid Mitosis 

      Stormo, Benjamin (2017)
      Polyploid cells are generated through a cell cycle variant termed the endocycle. Endocycling cells undergo multiple rounds of genome duplication without an intervening mitosis. Endocycling is known to lead to alterations ...