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    • Children's developing metaethical judgments. 

      Schmidt, Marco FH; Gonzalez-Cabrera, Ivan; Tomasello, Michael (J Exp Child Psychol, 2017-08-17)
      Human adults incline toward moral objectivism but may approach things more relativistically if different cultures are involved. In this study, 4-, 6-, and 9-year-old children (N=136) witnessed two parties who disagreed about ...
    • Free to Be a Slave: Slavery as Metaphor in the Afro-Atlantic Religions 

      Matory, J Lorand (Journal of Religion in Africa, 2007-01-01)
      Scholars tend to regard enslavement as a form of disability inflicted upon the enslaved. This paper confronts the irony that not all black Atlantic peoples and religions conceive of slavery as an equally deficient condition ...
    • The Psychology of Loyalty and its Impact on Harm Perception 

      Tang, Simone (2018)
      This dissertation examines how people’s loyalty to their groups influences their perception of harm. Specifically, people who are loyal (vs. not loyal) to their ingroup perceive negative actions by an outgroup against their ...