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    • Drebrin attenuates atherosclerosis by limiting smooth muscle cell transdifferentiation. 

      Wu, Jiao-Hui; Zhang, Lisheng; Nepliouev, Igor; Brian, Leigh; Huang, Taiqin; Snow, Kamie P; Schickling, Brandon M; ... (11 authors) (Cardiovascular research, 2021-04-29)
      <h4>Aims</h4>The F-actin-binding protein Drebrin inhibits smooth muscle cell (SMC) migration, proliferation and pro-inflammatory signaling. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that Drebrin constrains atherosclerosis.<h4>Methods ...
    • Genetic Abrogation of Adenosine A3 Receptor Prevents Uninephrectomy and High Salt-Induced Hypertension. 

      Yang, Ting; Zollbrecht, Christa; Winerdal, Malin E; Zhuge, Zhengbing; Zhang, Xing-Mei; Terrando, Niccolo; Checa, Antonio; ... (15 authors) (J Am Heart Assoc, 2016-07-18)
      BACKGROUND: Early-life reduction in nephron number (uninephrectomy [UNX]) and chronic high salt (HS) intake increase the risk of hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Adenosine signaling via its different receptors has ...