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    • High Resolution Continuous Active Sonar 

      Soli, Jonathan Boyd (2017)
      This dissertation presents waveform design and signal processing methods for continuous active sonar (CAS). The work presented focuses on methods for achieving high range, Doppler, and angular resolution, while maintaining ...
    • Optimal Passive Sonar Signal Processing Using the Waveguide Invariant 

      Young, Andrew (2019)
      This dissertation presents optimal signal processing methods and performance analysis for passive, waveguide invariant (WI)-based acoustic source range estimation in shallow water marine environments. The WI, commonly denoted ...
    • Sensor Array Processing with Manifold Uncertainty 

      Odom, Jonathan Lawrence (2013)
      The spatial spectrum, also known as a field directionality map, is a description of the spatial distribution of energy in a wavefield. By sampling the wavefield at discrete locations in space, an estimate of the spatial ...