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    • Developing drugs for developing countries. 

      Ridley, David B; Grabowski, Henry G; Moe, Jeffrey L (Health Aff (Millwood), 2006-03)
      Infectious and parasitic diseases create enormous health burdens, but because most of the people suffering from these diseases are poor, little is invested in developing treatments. We propose that developers of treatments ...
    • Impact of economic, regulatory, and patent policies on innovation in cancer chemoprevention. 

      Grabowski, Henry G; Moe, Jeffrey L (Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 2008-07)
      Chemoprevention agents are an emerging new scientific area that holds out the promise of delaying or avoiding a number of common cancers. These new agents face significant scientific, regulatory, and economic barriers, however, ...
    • Priorities for the Priority Review Voucher. 

      Ridley, David B (Am J Trop Med Hyg, 2017-01-11)
      The U.S. Congress created the priority review voucher program in 2007 to encourage development of drugs for neglected diseases. Under the voucher program, the developer of a drug for a neglected or rare pediatric disease ...
    • Should the patent system for new medicines be abolished? 

      DiMasi, JA; Grabowski, HG (Clin Pharmacol Ther, 2007-11)
    • The distribution of sales revenues from pharmaceutical innovation. 

      Grabowski, HG; Vernon, J (Pharmacoeconomics, 2000)
      OBJECTIVE: This report updates our earlier work on the returns to pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) in the US (1980 to 1984), which showed that the returns distributions are highly skewed. It evaluates a more ...
    • The quantity and quality of worldwide new drug introductions, 1982-2003. 

      Grabowski, Henry G; Wang, Y Richard (Health Aff (Millwood), 2006-03)
      We examined trends in the introduction of new chemical entities (NCEs) worldwide from 1982 through 2003. Although annual introductions of NCEs decreased over time, introductions of high-quality NCEs (that is, global and ...
    • The roles of patents and research and development incentives in biopharmaceutical innovation. 

      Grabowski, Henry G; DiMasi, Joseph A; Long, Genia (Health Aff (Millwood), 2015-02)
      Patents and other forms of intellectual property protection play essential roles in encouraging innovation in biopharmaceuticals. As part of the "21st Century Cures" initiative, Congress is reviewing the policy mechanisms ...