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    • Different Mechanisms Confer Gradual Control and Memory at Nutrient- and Stress-Regulated Genes in Yeast. 

      Rienzo, A; Poveda-Huertes, D; Aydin, S; Buchler, NE; Pascual-Ahuir, A; Proft, M (Mol Cell Biol, 2015-11)
      Cells respond to environmental stimuli by fine-tuned regulation of gene expression. Here we investigated the dose-dependent modulation of gene expression at high temporal resolution in response to nutrient and stress signals ...
    • Interactions of oxygen radicals with airway epithelium. 

      Wright, DT; Cohn, LA; Li, H; Fischer, Bernard Martin; Li, CM; Adler, KB (Environ Health Perspect, 1994-12)
      Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been implicated in the pathogenesis of numerous disease processes. Epithelial cells lining the respiratory airways are uniquely vulnerable regarding potential for oxidative damage due to ...