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    • Academic and Pedagogical Reform of College Coaches 

      Colwell, Chad (2010)
      The issue that this paper addresses is how the college coach has abandoned the roles of educator and liaison between athletics and academics. The current era of college was examined using academic analysis, interviews with ...
    • Movement IS the Moyuba: Critical Orisha Dance Pedagogy 

      Washington Roque, Namajala Naomi (2021)
      There is not enough space in this document to capture all that you have done in support of this work.
    • Playing Incarnation: A Playful Pedagogy of Incarnate Imagination 

      Kruck, Jeffrey Logan (2019)
      Playing Incarnation recognizes that the imagination is at the center holistic learning, and seeks to present a pedagogical model that focuses on inspiring and training the imagination through models of play. The model arose ...
    • Revealing the Power: New Creation Epistemology for Adolescent Girls 

      Peck-McClain, Emily Anne (2015)
      Adolescent girls need a meaningful and liberative theological lens for interpreting their lives. I argue that a close reading of Romans 6-8 offers this lens because of Paul’s apocalyptic understanding of the present time, ...
    • The Justice of Exodus 

      Bills, Nathan (2018)
      This dissertation traces the theme of justice through the whole narrative of Exodus. Its aim is to explicate how YHWH’s reclamation of Israel for service-worship as narrated in Exodus reveals a distinct theological ethic ...
    • The Living Web 

      LeGrand, Luke C. (2019)
      As the role of Internet Connected Technologies (ICTs) increases exponentially, and as all student populations (highly motivated or not) become increasingly composed of digital natives, it is imperative that the academy adapt ...
    • The Rationale for and Guide to Using Hip-Hop Music as A Vehicle to Spiritual Formation for Black Male Youth 

      Mason, Rodney Mason (2017)
      This thesis provides a hip-hop based curriculum that the black church can use to engage young black men in spiritual formation. Due to the negative lyrics heard in hip-hop music, many churches have rejected this style of ...
    • What You Don't Know, Learn!: Movements for Autonomous Education in the US, Past, Present and Future 

      Bell, Elisabeth (2013)
      This dissertation is an investigation of trends in the current US system of education, as informed by historical movements for autonomous education in the period of Reconstruction and in the 1960s and 70s. The driving questions ...