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    • Evaluating Variation in Terrestrial Plant Toxicity Tests 

      Kurnath, Lindsey (2008-04-25)
      The Office of Pesticide Programs of the U.S. EPA conducts the national pesticide review process, under authority granted by FIFRA. Ecological risk assessments are performed on many different organisms to identify ecosystem-level ...
    • The toxicology of climate change: environmental contaminants in a warming world. 

      Clark, BW; Erwin, KN; Levin, Edward Daniel; McElwee, MK; Miller, HD; Noyes, PD; Van Tiem, LA; ... (8 authors) (Environ Int, 2009-08)
      Climate change induced by anthropogenic warming of the earth's atmosphere is a daunting problem. This review examines one of the consequences of climate change that has only recently attracted attention: namely, the effects ...
    • Understanding Pathways to Contaminant Exposure in North Carolina’s Community Gardens 

      Henson, Reilly; Tenorio Fenton, Sofia; Tikalsky, Elissa (2017-04-28)
      Urban agriculture and community gardens can be a means to increase the wellbeing of vulnerable communities, including reductions in food insecurity, opportunities for outdoor exercise and social interaction and even increases ...