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    • Control of Surface Plasmon Substrates and Analysis of Near field Structure 

      Chen, Shiuan-Yeh (2011)
      The electromagnetic properties of various plasmonic nanostructures are investigated. These nanostructures, which include random clusters, controlled clusters and particle-film hybrids are applied to surface-enhanced Raman ...
    • Multiscale Simulations of Biomolecules in Condensed Phase: from Solutions to Proteins 

      Zeng, Xiancheng (2010)
      The thesis contains two directions in the simulations of biomolecular systems. The first part (Chapter 2 - Chapter 4) mainly focuses on the simulations of electron transfer processes in condensed phase; the second part (Chapter ...
    • Pump-Probe Molecular Imaging 

      Matthews, Thomas (2011)
      In this dissertation, we develop pump probe spectroscopy as a method to differentiate different chemical varieties of melanin, a common biopigment, and exploit these differences to improve the accuracy of melanoma diagnosis. ...